Accounting / Intro to Business/ Entreprepeurship

Welcome to the new school year.

This is the place to locate your assignments and basic rules of my class

Class information and resources


August 25 First  assignment due on /August 30/31 Glossary

August 29 2nd Assignment due on September 1/2 the day you have class not the next day.  accounting definitions (1)

3rd assignment   math review chap 1

Free Accounting and Bookkeeping tutorials

ParticipationRubric-Tomasek This is the rubric for grading articles and writing assignments

Note all students should have a Flocabulary Account and sign up for the class period you attend. when signing up for account use your first and last name only.

September 2, 2016

HW for 2a Accounting due Wednesday September 7  time word and survival math 1-12

All other classes due on September 9 2016

 time word

Unscramble Quiz Glossary words       unscramble-quiz


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